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Postgraduate Diploma in Hotel Management

Hotel Manegement

Postgraduate Diploma in Hotel Management Level 8

  • Level:  8
  • Credits:  121

This course will provide students key business, hospitality skills and knowledge through 30 weeks of lecture style delivery. Students will also receive real life hotel operations learning in either food and beverage or room division. After successful completion of on campus operations, students will enter the paid industry placement program. Positions will either be in food and beverage or rooms division at top hotels in New Zealand.

Subject Area: 

Management and Commerce, Business and Management, Hospitality Management

The successful graduates will demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills in the fields of business planning, financial management, and product development as related to the Hospitality Industry, and principally the Hotel sector. The graduate will have knowledge and skill in operations planning, human resource management, accountancy, logistics and production management, marketing and communications.

Employment Pathways:

Guaranteed Paid Industry Placements through the PIHMS Industry placement programme lead to excellent pathways into fulltime employment for graduating students.

Entry Requirements:

Applicants require an appropriate Bachelor Level 7 degree in either business, management or a related hospitality area. Degrees in other disciplines may be considered if the applicant has 2 – 3 years relevant hospitality experience at a supervisory level, or equivalent. In addition, applicants for whom English is not their first language will have an IELTS score of 6.5, or equivalent. (no band score lower than 6). This course will provide graduate diploma students key business, hospitality skills and knowledge while being immersed in the PIHMS hotel environment.

Course Outline:

Weeks 1-10 10 Weeks academic study ? Business management studies on PIHMS campus includes lecture style delivery group discussion and introduction to research projects.
Week 11 Break.
Weeks 12-21 10 Weeks academic study ? Business management studies on PIHMS campus includes lecture style delivery group discussion and research projects.
Weeks 22-23 Break.
Weeks 24-33 10 Weeks academic study – Business management studies on PIHMS campus includes lecture style delivery group discussion and research projects.Examination and presentation of research reports are undertaken at the conclusion of this module.
Week 34 Break.
Weeks 35-44 10 Weeks operational (practical) training within the PIHMS Hotel environment. During the enrolment period students will be invited to select your elective (after discussion and consultation with the PG co-ordinator) in the operational departments at PIHMS. Operational departments for elective include: food & beverage or rooms division (front office & housekeeping).

Mohawk College’s (Canada) Course

Mohawk College


Mohawk College’s (Canada) Course & other details required for Admission for JAN – 2016 Intake


Above Mohawk College:

Ø  Public Funded & Govt. College, Covered under SPP Program.

Ø  Mohawk College is fully accredited and funded by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities and is a member of the Association of Community Colleges of Canada.

Ø  As of 2014 more than 1,000 faculty instruct roughly 12,500 full-time students, 46,000 continuing education students and 1,800 international students and studying in over 100 post-secondary and apprenticeship programs.

Ø  Since its founding in 1966, over 1,00,000 students have graduated from Mohawk College.
Campuses                         :              Fennell, Brantford Campus & Stoney Creek

Location                            :              Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (1 hours’ drive from Toronto)

Application Fees             :              No Application Fees (WAIVER)

IELTS Requirements     :              For PG Program IELTS Overall 6.5 Bands not less than 6.0

For Diploma & Certificate IELTS Overall 6.0 Bands not less than 5.5

(Some program require 6.5 minimum with no bands less than 6.0)

Application Deadline     :              December 4th, 2015

Tuition Fees                     :              $13,000 to $15,000 CAD


Important Points:

  1. Offer Letter Processing time 10 – 15 Days.
  2. Student Active Email-id & Contact Number Required.
  3. Co-op program have a non-refundable Co-op fee added to each term tuition fees. The Co-op fee is $475 per term.
  4. Most Courses require grade 12 Math as part of their admission requirements.
  5. Add $100.00 CAD late fee, if paid after Due Date.
  6. Conditional offers will be issued with immediate effect (Original offers will not be revised with IELTS test scores. Applicants should attach a copy of their original test score along with their conditional offer to your visa application, to satisfy the                         condition for visa purposes). Proof of completion must be forwarded to the International Education Department prior to registration. Failure to do so will make you ineligible for admission to the program.



  1. Fresher’s with good academics (​55% and above)​ will have good chanceto get admit Visa
  2. ​Gap in studies cannot be more than 2 years (do not submit fraud experience certificate) for undergraduates and not more than 5 years for graduates
  3. Backlogs in core subjects and number of backlogs in same subject are being viewed with caution. Maximum number of 8 backlogs will be accepted (For 12+4 Maximum 8 Backlogs & for 12+3 Maximum 4 Backlogs).
  4. Minimum 55 % and above (highersecond class) is must ,However priority will be given to 60 % and above marks students​
  5. In case of more than 8 backlogs – there should be 60 % in last 2 semester and no backlogs
  6. Core subject grads should be minimum 50 % and above including Math & English



Program Code Courses Requirements Campus
1  & 2 Year PG ProgramIELTS Requirement 6.5 Bands not less than 6.0
116 International Business Management B.Com, M.Com, B.B.A., Commerce Degree or Business related experience Fennell
117 Global Business Management (Pending for approved) Bachelor Degree in Business, IELTS Band 6.5 Overall with no band less than 6.0 Fennell
993 Canadian Health Care (2 Year) For all Health Care Degree,IELTS Band 6.5 Overall with no band less than 6.0 IAHS
2 Years Diploma ProgramOverall 6.0 Bands no band less than 5.5
316/356 Business – Accounting Grade 11 Mathematics, C, M or U level or equivalent (M or U level recommended) Fennell
303 Business – Financial Services Grade 11 Mathematics, C, M or U level or equivalent (M or U level recommended) Fennell
320 Business – General Grade 11 Mathematics, C, M or U level or equivalent (M or U level recommended) Fennell
319 Business – Marketing Grade 11 Mathematics, C, M or U level or equivalent (M or U level recommended) Fennell
286 Community & Justice Services Law and /or Community and Justice Services courses recommended Fennell
447 Computer Systems Technician – Network Systems Grade 12 Mathematics, C (MCT4C recommended) or U (For Diploma in IT / Computer / EC) Fennell
455 Computer Systems Technician – Network Systems (Co-op) Grade 12 Mathematics, C (MCT4C recommended) or U (For Diploma in IT / Computer / EC) Fennell
548 Computer Systems Technician – Software Support Grade 12 Mathematics, C (MCT4C recommended) or U (For Diploma in IT / Computer / EC) Fennell
558 Computer Systems Technician – Software Support (Co-op) Grade 12 Mathematics, C (MCT4C recommended) or U (For Diploma in IT / Computer / EC) Fennell
213 Early Childhood Education IELTS Band 6.5 Overall with no band less than 6.0,(For B.A., B. Ed, 12th ) Fennell
747 Educational Support Grade 12 Mathematics (6.5 Bands no band less than 6.0) Fennell
403 Electrical Engineering Technician – Power Grade 12 Mathematics, C (MCT4C recommended) or U (For Diploma Electrical or Electronics) Stoney Creek
208 General Arts & Science Grade 10 Mathematics, D or P level or equivalent is recommended for students taking Math and Science courses Fennell
268 Health, Wellness and Fitness Grade 12 (For Physiotherapy ) Fennell
318/368 Insurance Grade 11 Mathematics, C, M or U level or equivalent Fennell
413 Manufacturing Engineering Technician – Automation (Industrial Mechanic Millwright) Grade 12 Foundations for College Mathematics (MAP4C) recommended (For Degree or Diploma in Mechanical / Instrumentation) Stoney Creek
327 Office Administration – Executive Basic computer and keyboarding skills recommended Fennell
328 Office Administration – Legal Basic computer and keyboarding skills recommended Fennell
329 Office Administration – Medical Excellent reading comprehension, spelling, and basic computer and keyboarding skills recommended Fennell
285 Paralegal For B.Law, LLB Fennell
314 Tourism & Travel Grade 12 equivalent to be considered for further education Fennell
293/294 Protection, Security & Investigation (Formerly Law & Security Administration – Private Security) (Co-Op) Law and /or Community and Justice Services courses recommended Fennell
215 Social Service Worker IELTS Band 6.5 Overall with no band less than 6.0 (for 12th , B.S.W) Fennell
3 Years Diploma ProgramOverall 6.0 Bands no band less than 5.5
632 Business Administration (Advanced) Grade 11 Mathematics, C, M or U level or equivalent (M or U level recommended) Fennell
651 Broadcasting – Television and Communications Media IELTS Band 6.5 Overall with no band less than 6.0, Experience in Media or related skill Fennell
555 Computer Systems Technology – Network Engineering & Security Analyst (Co-op) Grade 12 Mathematics, C (MCT4C recommended) or U (For Diploma in IT / Computer / EC) Fennell
559 Computer Systems Technology – Software Development (Co-Op) Grade 12 Mathematics, C (MCT4C recommended) or U (For Diploma in IT / Computer / EC) Fennell
536 Electrical Engineering Technology – Control (Co-Op) Grade 12 Mathematics, U or MCT4C or MAP4C ≥ 80% or equivalent*
Senior Physics and Chemistry are recommended (For Diploma Electrical or Electronics)
360 Energy Systems Engineering Technology Grade 12 Mathematics, U or MCT4C or MAP4C ≥ 80% or equivalent*
Senior Physics and Chemistry are recommended
(For Diploma Electrical or Electronics)
508 Graphic Design Grade 12, Preference will be given to applicants who have submitted a portfolio Fennell
529 Mechanical Engineering Technology Co-op Grade 12 Mathematics;·        Physics and Chemistry are recommended·         (For Diploma or Degree in Mechanical Engineering) Fennell
469 Massage Therapy Grade 11 Mathematics, minimum C level (M or U level recommended)
Grade 11 or 12 Chemistry, Biology OR Physics (For B. Physiotherapy)
1 Year Certificate ProgramOverall 6.0 Bands no band less than 5.5
110 Personal Support Worker Grade 12 Math IAHS
230 General Arts & Science Grade 10 Mathematics, C, M, U or equivalent is recommended for students taking Math and Science courses Fennell
270 Art and Design Foundations Grade 12 Math Fennell
380 Office Administration Grade 12, Basic Computer & keyboarding skills recommended Fennell
486 Utilities Systems Operator Senior Mathematics is recommended Stoney Creek
716 Retail Pharmacy Assistant Grade 12





Lambton College is Government / Public Funded College; Covered under SPP. Very few SPP colleges in Canada offer PG (Graduate Diploma) programs on 6.0 IELTS bands only.


IELTS                                : Overall 6.0 bands in IELTS, no band less than 5.5 in each section.

Location                         : 1457 London Road, Sarnia Ontario (3.5 hrs. drive from Toronto)

Campuses                      1. Sarnia Campus 2. Toronto Campus

Application fees          : Fees Waived Off



BSNT Business (12th H.S.C. with 50%  or Above) 2 Years Diploma
CCBT Cloud Computer for big Data (NEW) 2 Years PG
MADT Mobile Application Design & Development – FULL 2 Years PG
PMLT Advanced Project Management & Strategic Leadership – FULL 2 Years PG
HCLT Health Care Leadership 1 Year PG
AHCT Advanced Health Care Leadership 2 Years PG
EPMT Enterprise Project Management – FULL 1 Year PG
FPWT Financial Planning & Wealth Management – FULL 2 Years PG
MMPT Marketing Management & Professional Selling 2 Years PG
OHST Occupational Health & Safety Management 2 Years PG
QEMT Quality Engineering Management – FULL 2 Years PG
HRMT Hotel & Resort Management  (New) 2 Year PG
CSAT Computer Software & Database Development (New) 2 Year PG
BUSN Business  (12th H.S.C. with 50% or Above) 2 Years Diploma
BGEN Business Administration – General (Co-op)               (12th H.S.C. with 50%  or Above) 3 Years Advanced Diploma
BACC Business Administration – Accounting (Co-op)        (12th H.S.C. with 50%  or Above) – CLOSED 3 Years Advanced Diploma
BMAN Business Management – General (Co-op) 2 Years PG
BMIB Business Management – International Business 2 Years PG
BMHR Business Management – Human Resources (Co-op) 2 Years PG
ITPC Information Technology Professional 2 Years PG
PTNX Power Engineering Technician – Accelerated(Only suitable for Mechanical Engineering) 1 Years(3 Sem) Diploma
PETX Power Engineering Technology – Accelerated – Co-op(Only suitable for Mechanical Engineering) 2 Years (6 Sem) Advanced Diploma
IPRO Internet Programming and Database Management 1 Year PG
IPRC Internet Programming and Database Management (Co-op) 2 Years PG
HRMG Human Resource Management 1 Year PG

Crackdown on the “IELTS or PTE” Dilemma!


One of the most widespread concerns of students desiring to pursue higher education overseas and personnel seeking work-opportunities or wishing to migrate abroad is the decision to pick from the available choices of English proficiency tests. One cannot merely depend on hearsay and should be able to make an informed decision while opting for either IELTS or PTE. The choice must take into account core factors such as preferred country, motive (study, work, or immigration), testing style etc.

While both the exams are designed to measure the English language competence and aptitude, they differ in their methodology as well as acceptability. A brief overview of the two testing systems and a few basic similarities and differences between the two are summarized in the ensuing paragraphs, to throw light on the pros and cons of selecting either and help the readers choose an appropriate test pertaining to their purpose.

What is IELTS?

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is jointly conducted by British Council and Cambridge English Language Assessment. It is designed to test four fundamental English skills namely Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.

It is a paper-pen assessment where emphasis is given on the comprehension of extended text in the receptive papers (Reading and Listening), and the direct testing of performance through a face-to-face Speaking test and the use of essays and report formats in the Writing test.

There are two versions of the test to suit the educational and professional goals of the test taker:

  • Academic(IELTS AC)- for university and tertiary education, and
  • General Training (IELTS GT)- for work experience, training programmes and visa applications.


About PTE

PTE (Pearson Test of English) is conducted by Pearson, a leading UK-based education company. PTE also assesses listening, reading, speaking and writing skills; but unlike IELTS, it is an online test where one has to use a computer and headset to listen to, read and respond to questions. It is divided into three main parts: Speaking and Writing (together), Listening and Reading. It comprises of an extensive variety of question formats, ranging from multiple choice through to essay writing and interpreting information.

PTE Academic is accepted for all educational and immigration purposes.



IELTS and PTE both have their strengths, and the choice between the two will depend on the requirements and constraints of the test taker. The safest way to go is to assess your situation, understand and weigh the advantages for each test method and select an option most suited to the scenario.

We at C.Ed. can help you make an informed choice. Book an appointment with our certified trainers to share your concerns and be assessed for the best choice for you based upon your current English proficiency level.

We wish you all the luck.

Compiled by – Ms. Neha, C.Ed. Overseas Education

Belfast is Named The UK’s Most Affordable Student City


Belfest has been revealed as the most affordable city for students to live and study in followed closely by Nottingham and Southampton, as shown by recent study.

The 2015 student Living index, conducted by NetWest, interviewed just under 2,500 students to see what they’re spending their time and money on. The index was judged on four key aspects of student life, including: essentials (such as groceries, rent and travel); socializing; sports and fitness; and hobbies and interests.

The index has provided a detailed insight into student life in the UK and offers and table of the top-25 most economical student cities.

As well as revealing that Belfast was the most economical, the study showed that Portsmouth is the mo st cost-effective city for students to socialize but Newcastle’s students spend the most hours socializing. In addition to this, it was  revealed that students are spending less on groceries in comparison to last year’s results but are eating out on a more regular basis.

For the 2,486 students who were in interviews, the majority of their time is spent studying, 27.5 hours per week, compared to the 12.5 hours spent socializing and the four and half hour spent in part-time work. The index also showed the students at Cambridge and Oxford spend most if their time studying but those at Southampton work the longest hours and receive the most-term-time income.

The majority of students are paying for their costs with their students loans the study reveled. Money from parents was the second main course of income for students. According to the report, here are the top five best cities for students to live and study in Belfast.

Study in New Zealand

Study in New Zealand

Why Study in New Zealand?

  • Home to 46 of the world’s top 100 Universities
  • World renowned for research, innovation and technological development
  • Practically orientated educational environment
  • Merit based scholarships and financial aid packages
  • Availability of part time work opportunities whilst studying
  • Excellent post graduation work placement opportunities

The C.Ed. Admission Counselling Services include

profiling Profiling

Assessment of your academic qualifications, work experience, financial status, career goals, as well as your life interests and aspirations.

selection Country/University/Course selection

Shortlisting of potential countries, universities and courses that match your profile.

reviw Application Review and Submission

Completion and submission of the application forms to your final choice of universities.

counselling Visa Counselling

Preparation work (including mock sessions) for the interviews you may have with the High Commissions or Embassies as well as the collation and review of relevant documentation for submission of visa application.

tests_icon Standardised Tests

Evaluation of any standardised tests that you may need or a review of results you have already obtained.

comment-icon Document Editing

Editing of your application essays, statement of purpose, letters of recommendation and resume.

Interview Interview Preparation

Preparation work (including mock sessions) for the interviews you may have with your chosen universities.

About Top New Zealand Universities

New Zealand is an ideal destination to study abroad because of the international standard of education, economically vibrant costs, and cosmopolitan culture. At par with the British education system, New Zealand universities strive to offer quality education with state-of-the-art facilities, a safe environment and a fine student’s support system. Some of the most popular New Zealand Universities, that are listed on world rankings as well, are University of Auckland, University of Otago, University of Canterbury, Victoria University of Wellington, Massey University and many more. Amongst the many advantages, part-time work permit for 15 hours a week is also one of the major reasons why students prefer New Zealand. Also, once students complete their degree, the government of New Zealand encourages them to stay back and work, which is very unlikely to happen in other popular destinations.

Test Preparation
C.Ed. provides a range of high quality preparation programmes for some of the most common standardized tests. Through its suite of high tech, state of the art teaching centers and professionally qualified tutors, C.Ed. is able to deliver preparatory programmes to aspiring students nationwide for the following tests:


Most Popular Programs in New Zealand

  • IT

Study in the UK


We believe international students should have access to trusted, expert advice about UK universities. Meet our experienced counselors.

C.Ed. specialised in selecting the right UK university for Indian students. We review academic backgrounds and career goals and provide you with a list of recommended universities. Your personal statement is then edited, ensuring you succeed in receiving an offer. We are a trusted UK university partner, specialising in Undergraduate, Postgraduate.

Our Services

Enjoy free UK university advice with our Free Application Support Service, while the Premium Service guarantees you an offer from a UK university. .

Application Process

Applying with C.Ed. is fast and simple. We recommend three universities, edit your personal statement and review your supporting documents. We test your English language level and help build a plan to achieve your target score. Our visa team can help secure your student visa.

Course Search

Search over 25,000 higher education courses in the UK. Browse undergraduate, postgraduate, pre-masters, MBA, English language and foundation study options by location, level and subject type, building a list of courses that suit your requirements for studying in the UK.

University of Fraser Valley

University of Fraser Valley

University of Fraser Valley

University of Fraser Valley

We are happy to announce that we now Represent one of the top Universities in Canada, University of Fraser Valley.

Key points
– 42 year old Public University
– Located in British Columbia province
– 40 mins from Vancouver City
– enrols approximately 15,000 students per year
– more than 100 programs, including 2 master’s degrees, 15 bachelor’s degrees, majors, minors, and extended minors
– more than 30 subject areas
– more than 12 trades and technology programs.
– Co-op Education

About the University
Located in the beautiful Fraser Valley just east of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) is a fully accredited, public university that enrolls approximately 15,000 students per year. UFV has campuses and locations in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, Hope and Agassiz, and a growing presence in Chandigarh, India.

Faculties and schools
UFV’s academic activity is organized into “faculties”, and “schools”. Currently, the university has five faculties and three schools. The Faculty of Arts is the largest faculty with sixteen departments, closely followed by the Faculty of Trades and Technology while the Faculty of Science has eight departments.

UFV is home to ten research centres and institutes; additionally, the Chilliwack Campus is the site of the new BC Centre of Excellence for Agriculture. Much of the research conducted at UFV, in particular through the activities of centres such as the Agriburban Research Centre and the Centre for Indo-Canadian Studies, focuses on issues of regional concern.

Major Features
Credit Transfer Systems
This University offers a unique credit transfer system for Indian Students. The students who have completed 3year bachelors degree in India are eligible for obtain credits for pursuing bachelors degree from UFV.

They are presently offering upto 100% credits to graduate students from University of Mumbai and up to 50% credit to students graduated from Universities in Punjab.

The credits given to the students is subject to individual assessment of the student profile and he final decision on the credits granted will be taken by the university professionals.

Co- Op Education
The University of Fraser Valley is offering Co- Op education in the areas of

Criminal Justice
Business Administration
Computer Information Systems
Library and Information Technology

The Co- Op education is also considered as a part of study the students who have completed 2 semesters in the University can take a break during their studies ad complete their 1 year Co- Op and come back to the University for completing the course.

The University also houses a dedicated Co- Op Edu Office which works with employers on behalf of the students. and helps students to find their Co Op employment.

IELTS Requirements
Direct Entry – 6.5 no band less than 6.
Minimum Entry –  6.0 no band less than 5.5 – Such students will have to undergo a 4 month foundation course in English learning 2 English courses + 3 Academic courses of goal program

Study in Coventry University

Coventrry University

Coventry University


Why Study in the UK?

  • Worldwide Recognition The degrees from UK are known around the world as high quality and world class degrees
  • Education Costs are Lower Education cost for an international student is lower as compared to the USA, Australia & other countries
  • Duration- Undergraduate- 3 years to 4 years including sandwich year, Postgraduate- 1 year
  • Work Opportunities- International students are allowed to work part time up to 20 hours a week


Why Coventry University?

  • Achieved rank as a “Modern University of the Year” and 27th position among UK Universities.
  • Located in the city of Coventry, 20 mins away from BIRMINGHAM and 2 hours away from LONDON.
  • Two Campuses – COVENTRY campus located at City Centre, & LONDON campus is 5 mins walk from Liverpool Street.
  • 5000 International Students from over all world.


Scholarship: GREAT Scholarships Upto £5000 in below subjects: Other Subjects £1000 – £1500 

Subject area Level of Study Scholarship Value
Design Undergraduate £5,000
Health and Life Sciences Undergraduate £3,000
Computing Postgraduate £5,000
Oil and Gas Postgraduate £5,000

Courses at Coventry Campus

PG Courses: Academic Writing, Accountancy, Advertising, Art, Automotive, Biological and Molecular Sciences, Building and Construction , Business, Business Information, Chemistry, Civil Engineering,  Computing, Criminology,  Disaster Management, Engineering, Automotive Manufacture, Engineering Management, Aerospace Manufacture  , Aerospace Technologies , Automotive Engineering, Food Security Management, Petroleum and Environmental Technology, Aerospace Manufacture, Air Transport Management,  English,  Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, Environment and Sustainability , Finance, Graphic Design,  Health, History,  International Relations, International Studies, Journalism, Law, Logistics, Management, Marketing, Media and Communications, Occupational Therapy, Oil, Gas and Energy,  Peace and Reconciliation Studies, Physiotherapy, Politics, Product Design, Psychology,  Social Work and Welfare,  Sociology, Sport,  Teaching Adults,  Tourism & many more………….


MBA: Finance, Global Development and Comparative Law, International Business, International Sport Management, Management, Marketing,

UG Courses: Accountancy, Advertising and Business , Business Administration Economics, English and Creative Writing, Financial Economics, Geography International Law, Marketing, Sociology and Criminology, Electronic Engineering   Multimedia Computing, Rehabilitation Engineering, Aerospace Electronics, Aerospace Systems Engineering, Aerospace Technology & many more…………


Courses at London Campus

Postgraduate: Employability Leadership,  Global Financial Trading, International Fashion Marketing, International Hospitality and Tourism Management

MBA: Global Business, Global Financial Services, International Fashion Management, International Marketing, International Human Resource Management, Oil and Gas Management

Undergraduate: Accounting and Finance for International Business (top-up), Global Business (top-up), Global Marketing (top-up), International Hospitality and Tourism Management (top-up), Global Business Management, International Finance and Accounting


Study Abroad

Study Abroad
LOOKING TO STUDY ABROAD?Confused about Country? University? Fees? Visa? Jobs prospects?

• Meet & Interview with Top Universities
• Spot Offers & Attractive Scholarships
• Universities & Colleges to match every budget
• Personalised Counselling
• Study in UK, New Zealand, Canada, Australia & Ireland

Get the C.Ed. Advantage with Free Expert Advise from Our Certified Counselors


  • Certified by the Education UK, British council, NBCC, UK & ENZ
  • Member of Society of Education Consultants, UK
  • Expert guidance from our team of British Council & ENZ certified counsellors
  • “We have been there done that” All counsellors & directors have either lived or studied abroad
  • Country/University/Course Selection
  • Assistance with application and admission process
  • Scholarships, Bursaries & Application Fee waivers
  • End to End Support on education loans & visa process
  • Onshore support for accommodation and part time jobs
  • Over 2000+ students placed & an active network of over 1200 alumni for Onshore support
  • Official Representative of over 300 universities and colleges
  • Meet and Interview with Top Universities for spot offers, scholarships & IELTS Waivers
  • One of the Top IELTS, TOEFL & PTE Coaching institute in Delhi


  • Information Technology
  • Computer Science
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Engineering
  • Business Management
  • Design courses
  • Psychology and Sociology
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Nursing & Healthcare


Study Overseas Consultants in India - Study abroad with C.Ed. Overseas education, we help students to study overseas in Australia, USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Singapore, Ireland and IELTS Coaching Centre in Delhi.