Business – Marketing Program

Business – Marketing Program

This two-year Marketing program will open doors to opportunities in the exciting and fast-moving field of business, specifically consumer product and service marketing.


For those who want to fast-track into the exciting marketing world, this program will open the door to a variety of marketing career opportunities.

In this two-year (4 semester) Marketing program, you will learn to:

  • Describe the core concepts of marketing through lecture, case studies, group interaction and marketing situations.
  • Use the building blocks of a marketing plan to analyze the market, the customers and the competition.
  • Describe the purpose and value of effective market research and design.
  • Identify and develop integrated marketing communications solutions available to today’s companies including sales promotion, direct and digital marketing, public relations, television, radio and web-based solutions.

Embedded in all of the above will be the development of communication, presentation, analytical and team-building skills.


Marketing at George Brown College is not just about books and lectures. Our learning is hands-on and project-based, incorporating case studies and projects that involve industry partners. Our curriculum is current and reflects the needs and trends of today’s market.

George Brown College actively works with industry partners in order to:

  • Align the curriculum to industry needs.
  • Provide students with hands-on learning through class projects.
  • Offer students field education opportunities.
  • Equip students with the skills, knowledge and abilities they need to enter the industry with confidence.

Students also have various extracurricular opportunities to build on their knowledge and skills, and to network. These include:

  • Ontario College Marketing Competition
  • Canadian Marketing Association competition
  • Enactus George Brown organization
  • Job opportunities within George Brown College
  • Speed Mentoring
  • Various clubs and teams

Required Courses

In order to graduate from the B120 program, you need to complete 27 courses:  23 Mandatory courses, 1 Business Elective or Field Education Course and 3 General Education Electives.


Course Code Courses (Mandatory) Pre-requisite
BUS1038 Business Concepts I None
COMM1007 College English None
COMP1010 Business Computer Applications I None
MARK1020 Principles of Marketing I None
MATH1008 Math for Business & Management None
GHUM 1087 Successful Social Relations None


Course Code Courses (Mandatory) Pre-requisite
ACCT 1036 Principles of Accounting None
BUS 1040 Project Management None
COMM 1034 Professional Communication COMM 1007
COMP 1115 Business Computer Applications II COMP 1010
MARK 2049 Principle of Marketing II MARK 1020
MATH 1131 Mathematical Analysis for Marketers MATH 1008
Select 1 General Education Elective


Course Code Courses (Mandatory) Pre-requisite
COMM 2034 Communication for Marketers COMM 1034
ECON 1034 Introduction to Economics None
MARK 1055 Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC 1) MARK 2049
MARK 2007 Marketing Research MARK 2049 & Co-requisite STAT 1012
STAT 1012 Business Statistics MATH 1131
STS 1037 Career Planning and Development None


Course Code Courses (Mandatory) Pre-requisite
BUS 1056 Business Presentation Skills COMM 1007
MARK 1002 Professional Selling MARK 1020
MARK 2033 Database Marketing I MARK 2049
MARK 2063 Advertising and Media Campaign Development (IMC 2) MARK 1055
PSY 1129 Organizational Behaviour None
Select One General Education Elective
Business Elective or Field Education Course

Your Career

Graduates of this program will have the opportunity to work in a broad range of settings in all sectors of business and industry, both domestic and international. These settings include retailers, banks and other financial institutions, marketing consulting firms, advertising agencies and small businesses. Potential positions may include:

  • advertising account co-ordinator
  • marketing research assistant
  • marketing assistant
  • assistant product manager
  • marketing and sales co-ordinator
  • account manager
  • event planning co-ordinator

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