Student Testimonials

Deciding to study in UK at the last moment and having no knowledge about the procedure almost me feel I wont be able to go but then somehow I got to know about you and then I got in conversation with you guys. Initial procedures were easy for me as I was told my work and all the technical work was on you. I was not only helped with the procedure but also the IELTS exam. The paperwork was done and I did not even have to look at the formalities. So far my experience here is once in a lifetime which I could not have imagined had you guys not put in so much of effort. I sincerely thank you for making all the work so easy.

Sakshi Gupta
University Of Birmingham
Postgraduate Student


“C.Ed. has been an amazing experience Amit Sir has been of great support and very process driven which has been a reason that i got my Visa in no time for my studies in New Zealand, kudos in the C.Ed. Team and thanks for being great consultants. ”

Tushar Chadha, Diploma in Business Management (Level 7)
Concordia Institute of Business, Auckland, New Zealand


“C.Ed. is the best point of success and I am fully satisfied with this place. I came with doubts in my mind, but the counseling being done was way beyond par in comparison with any other consultancy. I appreciate the effort for guidance and advise regarding my career path. Infact, I got the confidence to proceed with much ease with the guidance of the counselors. I will always discuss with C.Ed. for any future studies. ”

Gaurav Kumar, UK


“Hi.. its always good to hear that you (C.Ed. Overseas Education) are doing good,  I would like to thank Amit Sir. You have shine and from all thrones and buisness and yet come out with victory. Your hardwork and humble determination took you here.”

Geetika Mishra, Canada


“Counselors from C.Ed. Study Abroad Consultants are the best and experienced consultants. My case was pretty complicated, however Counselor brought the things in a raw and I got the visa.

Thanks to them! specially Mr. Gupta”

Sameer Walia, Australia


Since it was my first experience of studying abroad so i was very scared but Amit sir helped me alot & i think this is the best way to guide somebody. I owe this to him. Thank you sir.

Sakshi Gupta, University of Birmingham, UK

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