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About PTE

PTE Delivers

  • Pearson Test of English Academic is an international computer based English language test.
  • It is a skills based test that measures English language ability of the candidate.
  • Candidate is assessed in 20 task types, each of which consists of combination of skills.
  • The test is divided into 3 main parts and lasts for approximately three hours with an optional break of 10 minutes. This includes a personal introduction (untimed) which is not assessed but is sent with your assessment of PTE to all the institutions / organization that you apply for. It can be educational institutions, professional and government organizations.

Part 1 : Speaking and Writing (90 minutes approx.)

Part 2 : Reading (40 minutes approx.)

Part 3 : Listening (55 minutes approx.)


As a potential candidate you should know what is expected of you, before you sit for the actual exam. This will do wonders for your confidence during the exam.

  1. Try to familiarize yourself with the test as much as possible.
  2. How long the test lasts and how is it divided into different parts and tasks?.
  3. How many tasks in each part?
  4. What is expected of each tasks type?
  5. What does the task look like on scream?
  6. How will every single task be scored?
  7. Personal introduction needs to be prepared though not assessed but is sent to institutions you choose along with your score report.
  8. You will do the actual test on computer at a Pearson test entre. You hear the audio through headphones and you answer into the microphone on your headset.
  9. You are expected to type all the answers into the computer. Introduction to every task will be given with every question.


One can find many books, online for PTE that has a detailed analysis, procedure and practice.

Importance of training sessions with hand-on information and interaction by an expert trainer cannot be undermined.

It trains you to ease your workload if the number of task types into easy to follow exercise. Allows you ample practice on paper before you actually write it online.

Finally training allows you to go through a number of assessed practice tests (paper based) this will undoubtedly enhance your scores.

Interaction with other candidates is also useful.

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