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Study Abroad
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Career Counselling

Our Endeavour is to provide students a meaningful global exposure and a platform for showcasing their knowledge and skills in the field of overseas education. So here is the opportunity for the students and working professionals where they can come to know all the details about their higher studies abroad.

University Selection

Candidates several times get dazed by the multitude of courses and institutions available for selection. C.Ed. Overseas Education guides you towards the right choice that suits best to your educational background, finances, ambition and preference. Our highly experienced research team guides you personally with information regarding all the universities, criteria and process. The detailed review of your profile saves time and money along with a proper guidance towards selecting the right university and course.

Application Guidelines

Applying to right university is a vigorous task. Every step is important considering the filing of the application along with supportive documents. We guide you through out the entire process and apply for your dream university. The documents are scrutinized by highly experienced counselors who are trained by the universities and keep up to date information. We believe every student is important and let their dreams of higher education come true with us. Starting from selection of university, program, filing the application along with required documents followed by visa, our trained professional counselors make it happen for you. Abroad universities are concerned about supportive documents being provided to select the right student for their programs, therefore the chances of rejection are higher when applied by the student itself. We provide you rightful information and apply to the universities with proper documents and send complete applications where you will receive positive response from the university.


The Statement of Purpose is one of the most important documents while applying in Universities and Colleges. A good statement of purpose may not necessarily get you in to a program, but a poorly written one could cause the committee to overlook your application. In addition, submitting a strongly written statement works in your favor in such situations as:

  • Having a low grade in one or two of your courses/semesters
  • Breaking a tie with other applicants who have performed at your level in terms of GRE and GPA scores or any competitive score
  • Getting into programs in which standardized test scores are weighted significantly less than demonstrating ones professional interests and abilities (i.e., Humanities and certain Social Science fields).
  • Explaining any study gaps or work profile which might weaken your application

Remember that your statement of purpose is the only opportunity you will have to let the admission committee directly get to know you. They will have some sense of who you are based on your recommenders notes and on the writing sample you include, but this is the chance for you to personally make a good, strong impression.


UCAS stands for the ‘Universities and Colleges Admissions Service’.

Its the route to apply to undergraduate programs in United Kingdom colleges and universities. UCAS aims to help students apply to the selected universities and send the applications on their behalf. We also guide the student to make informed choices that are right for them, assisting them, as well as their parents and advisers, through the entire higher education application process and make sure the applications are passed within the deadlines.


IELTS is the worlds most popular high stakes English language test. It is the test that opens doors to a world of academic and professional opportunity in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, USAand many other places around the world where English is a language in the workplace or the classroom.



Students with strong academics, good performance on standardized exams & extra curricular achievements would be elgible for scholarship awards & you can check below the details of the various Scholarships awarded by the various organizations.

Visa Services

This is where the wise people at C.Ed. Overseas Education enter the scenario with

  • Insider knowledge of the visa process
  • Updated information
  • Years of experience.
  • Research, student support and development of responsible and responsive infrastructure is a priority so that the student is ensured a fool-proof and prompt system.
  • Well established procedures and processes.
  • High turnover of numerous applications to all major educational centers in different countries has generated enormous data backup and information, enhancing the efficient service.
  • Mock interview sessions to prepare student for actual visa interview.
  • Regular seminars and presentations concerning the entire visa process.
  • Individual visa counseling and case preparation, with comprehensive guidance of paperwork and documentation required.
  • Pre-departure counseling to ensure student expectations are commensurate with reality.

However intricate the maze of the visa process might seem to the student, we know all the secret gateways; have up to the minute information about visa requirements for student destinations and give individual priority and guidance on a case to case basis. C.Ed. Overseas Education does everything to ensure the student prince reaches his goal and lives happily after in the campus of his dreams, returning with the prize he sought so long and hard- a great career and success.

Visa Application Filing

We work with each student individually offering solutions that make visa procurement a hassle free process. C.Ed. Overseas Education helps you in entire Visa process like, filling up applications, preparing financial statements, and also guidance and training for mock interviews and much more. We are regularly advised by the consulates about the latest Visa documentation and rules, and has high VISA success rate.


Before applying for a Visa, it is important to be familiar with the visa procedures, visa application process and various documents. Thus, it becomes extremely crucial to receive advice from an expert visa-consultant.

We completely understand the problems that one might face during the process of securing a Visa and based on our understanding and experience, we have created templates of various hurdles that one might encounter while applying for a visa and have developed a solution module for our students.


Some steps we undertake are as follows

  • We help in document preparations, check all forms are correctly filled and verify that all information is correct and factual.
  • We organize your documents in proper logical order, so that you can open your file in front of the visa officer with confidence, and minimum rustle.
  • We provide physical preparation for the visa interview, overseeing that you are presented well.
  • We train you on what to say and how to say it at the interview, going through each step in minute detail.
  • We polish your inherent reason to return to India , so that the visa officer is convinced of your intent to return back, and not be a potential immigrant.

Pre Post Departure

Pre and post departure event is organized for the students who get the vital information regarding the daily life in the new city. Starting from a sim card to luggage, every bit of facts provided is beneficial. The main aim of the event is to let the student get familiar with the new environment in the respective city they are moving for higher studies. With the universities representatives and alumnis by our side, it becomes more prominent for the students to understand certain information such as lifestyle, part time & full time jobs, shopping, food etc.

A pre departure event is organized before the students fly to their respective countries. They also get introduced to the new students who are going to the same country. The event is started by speech, presentation followed by light snacks at the end.

The following are the topics of event:

  • To travel in and around the respective country
  • First step to do once land in foreign lands.
  • Student welfare facilities at own university
  • Career options Part/ Full time Jobs
  • Student financial planning, student bank accounts
  • Phone connections
  • To understand the cultural differences / cultural shock.
Study Overseas Consultants in India - Study abroad with C.Ed. Overseas education, we help students to study overseas in Australia, USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Singapore, Ireland and IELTS Coaching Centre in Delhi.