City University London

About City University London

City University London is a public research university located in London, United Kingdom. It was founded in 1894 as the Northampton Institute and became a university when The City University was created by Royal Charter in 1966. The Inns of Court School of Law, which merged with City University in 2001, was established in 1852, making it the university’s oldest constituent part.

City University has its main campus in the Islington area of central London, with additional campuses in the City of London and the Holborn, Smithfield and Whitechapel areas of London. It is organised into seven Schools, within which there are around 40 academic departments and centres, including the City University Department of Journalism, the Cass Business School and the Inns of Court School of Law (part of the City Law School).


  • Business
  • Arts & Design
  • Hospitality & Culinary Arts
  • Information Technology / Animation
  • Health Sciences
  • Preparatory & Liberal Studies
  • Construction & Engineering Technologies
  • Community Services & Early Childhood


Courses at City University London 

Level Course
Postgraduate Academic Practice
Undergraduate Accounting and Finance
Postgraduate Actuarial Management
Undergraduate Actuarial Science
Postgraduate Actuarial Science
Undergraduate Actuarial Science (Foundation year)
Undergraduate Adult Nursing
Postgraduate Adult Nursing Postgraduate
Postgraduate Advanced Computer Science
Postgraduate Advanced Practice in Health and Social Care
Postgraduate Advanced Practice in Health and Social Care (Adult Mental Health)
Postgraduate Advanced Practice in Health and Social Care (Advanced Nurse…
Postgraduate Advanced Practice in Health and Social Care (Advanced Ophthalmic…
Postgraduate Advanced Practice in Health and Social Care (Child and Adolescent…
Postgraduate Advanced Practice in Health and Social Care (Clinical Optometry)
Postgraduate Advanced Practice in Health and Social Care (Long Term Conditions and…
Postgraduate Advanced Practice in Health and Social Care (Midwifery)
Postgraduate Advanced Practice in Health and Social Care (Nursing)
Postgraduate Advanced Practice in Health and Social Care (Ophthalmic Nursing)
Postgraduate Advanced Practice in Health and Social Care (Radiotherapy)
Postgraduate Advanced Practice in Health and Social Care (Speech, Language and…
Undergraduate Aeronautical Engineering
Undergraduate Aeronautical Engineering
Postgraduate Air Safety Management
Undergraduate Air Transport Engineering
Undergraduate Air Transport Engineering
Postgraduate Air Transport Management
Postgraduate Aircraft Maintenance Management
Postgraduate Analysis and Design of Structures for Fire, Blast and Earthquakes
Postgraduate Audiovisual Translation and Popular CultureMA
Undergraduate Automotive and Motorsport Engineering
Undergraduate Automotive and Motorsport Engineering
Postgraduate Automotive Engineering
Undergraduate Banking & International Finance
Postgraduate Banking & International Finance
Postgraduate Bar Professional Training Course
Postgraduate Behavioural Economics
Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering
Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering
Postgraduate Biomedical Engineering with Healthcare Technology Management
Postgraduate Broadcast Journalism Television JournalismMA
Undergraduate Business Computing Systems
Postgraduate Business Economics / International Business Economics
Undergraduate Business Studies
Postgraduate Business Systems Analysis and Design
Postgraduate Charity Accounting & Financial Management
Postgraduate Charity Marketing & Fundraising
Undergraduate Child Nursing
Postgraduate Child Nursing Postgraduate
Undergraduate Civil Engineering
Undergraduate Civil Engineering
Postgraduate Civil Engineering Structures
Postgraduate Civil Engineering Structures (Nuclear Power Plants)
Undergraduate Civil Engineering with Architecture
Undergraduate Civil Engineering with Architecture
Postgraduate Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution
Postgraduate Clinical Optometry
Postgraduate Clinical ResearchMRes
Postgraduate Computer Games Technology
Undergraduate Computer Science
Undergraduate Computer Science
Undergraduate Computer Science with Cyber Security
Undergraduate Computer Science with Games Technology
Undergraduate Computer Science with Games Technology
Undergraduate Computer Systems Engineering
Postgraduate Construction Management
Postgraduate Corporate Finance
Postgraduate Counselling Psychology
Postgraduate Counselling Psychology
Undergraduate CPD Contact Us
Postgraduate Creative Writing (Non-Fiction)
Postgraduate Creative Writing (Novels)
Postgraduate Creative Writing (Playwriting and Screenwriting)
Postgraduate Creative Writing and Publishing
Postgraduate Criminal Litigation
Undergraduate Criminology
Postgraduate Criminology and Criminal Justice
Undergraduate Criminology and Sociology
Undergraduate Cultural and Creative Industries
Postgraduate Culture, Policy and Management
Postgraduate Cyber Security
Postgraduate Data Science
Postgraduate Decision Sciences
Postgraduate Development Economics
Postgraduate Diplomacy and Foreign Policy
Postgraduate Dispute Resolution
Postgraduate e-Business Systems
Postgraduate Economic Evaluation in Healthcare
Undergraduate Economics
Postgraduate Economics
Undergraduate Economics with Accounting
Undergraduate Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Undergraduate Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Postgraduate Energy and Environmental Technology and Economics
Undergraduate Energy Engineering
Undergraduate Energy Engineering
Postgraduate Energy, Trade & Finance
Undergraduate Engineering with Management and Entrepreneurship
Postgraduate EU Commercial Law
Postgraduate EU Law
Postgraduate Executive MBAMBA
Postgraduate Executive MBA in Dubai
Postgraduate Finance
Postgraduate Finance & Investment
Undergraduate Financial Economics
Postgraduate Financial Economics
Postgraduate Financial Journalism
Postgraduate Financial Mathematics
Postgraduate Food Policy
Postgraduate Full-Time MBAMBA
Postgraduate Global Political Economy
Postgraduate Global Supply Chain Management
Postgraduate Graduate Diploma in Law
Postgraduate Graduate Entry LLB (Hons)
Postgraduate Grantmaking, Philanthropy & Social Investment
Postgraduate Health Economics
Postgraduate Health Informatics
Postgraduate Health Management
Postgraduate Health Policy
Postgraduate Health Psychology / Psychology and Health
Postgraduate Health Services Research
Postgraduate Human-Centred Systems
Postgraduate Information Science
Postgraduate Information Systems and Technology
Postgraduate Innovation, Creativity and Leadership
Postgraduate Insurance & Risk Management
Postgraduate Interactive JournalismMA
Postgraduate International Accounting & Finance
Postgraduate International Banking and Finance
Postgraduate International Business Law (Distance Learning)
Postgraduate International Commercial Law
Postgraduate International Communications and Development
Postgraduate International Economic Law
Postgraduate International Energy Law and Regulation
Postgraduate International Human Rights
Postgraduate International Journalism
Undergraduate International Political Economy
Undergraduate International Politics
Postgraduate International PoliticsMA
Postgraduate International Politics and Human Rights
Undergraduate International Politics and Sociology
Postgraduate International Publishing
Postgraduate Investigative Journalism
Undergraduate Investment & Financial Risk Management
Postgraduate Investment Management
Undergraduate JournalismBA (Hons)
Postgraduate Journalism Media and Globalisation
Undergraduate LawLLB (Hons)
Postgraduate Legal Practice
Postgraduate Legal Practice Course
Postgraduate Library Science
Postgraduate Magazine Journalism
Undergraduate Management
Postgraduate Management
Postgraduate Management of Information Security and Risk
Postgraduate Maritime Law
Postgraduate Maritime Law (Greece)
Postgraduate Maritime Operations and Management
Postgraduate Marketing Strategy & Innovation
Postgraduate Master of Laws
Postgraduate Master of Public Health (MPH)
Undergraduate Mathematical Science
Undergraduate Mathematical Science with Finance and Economics
Undergraduate Mathematical Science with Statistics
Postgraduate Mathematical Trading & Finance
Undergraduate Mathematics and Finance
Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering
Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering
Postgraduate Mechanical Engineering
Postgraduate Media and CommunicationsMA
Undergraduate Media, Communication and Sociology
Postgraduate Medical Ultrasound
Undergraduate Mental Health Nursing
Postgraduate Mental Health Nursing Postgraduate
Undergraduate Midwifery
Postgraduate Midwifery (78-week shortened programme for nurses)
Undergraduate MusicBMus (Hons)
Postgraduate MusicMA
Postgraduate Newspaper JournalismMA
Postgraduate NGO Management
Undergraduate Nursing Studies
Undergraduate Optometry
Postgraduate Organisational Psychology
Postgraduate Postgraduate
Postgraduate Primary Care (Practice Nursing)
Postgraduate Professional Advocacy
Postgraduate Professional Engineering (Civil Engineering)
Postgraduate Professional Legal Skills
Postgraduate Project Management, Finance and Risk
Undergraduate Psychology
Postgraduate Public International Law
Postgraduate Publishing
Postgraduate Quantitative Finance
Postgraduate Radiography (Computed Tomography, Medical Magnetic Resonance and…
Undergraduate Radiography (Diagnostic Imaging)
Undergraduate Radiography (Radiotherapy and Oncology)
Postgraduate Real Estate
Postgraduate Real Estate Investment
Postgraduate Renewable Energy and Power Systems Management
Postgraduate Science JournalismMA
Postgraduate Shipping, Trade & Finance
Undergraduate Sociology
Undergraduate Sociology with Psychology
Postgraduate Software Engineering
Undergraduate Speech and Language Science
Postgraduate Speech and Language Therapy
Postgraduate Speech, Language and Communication Needs in Schools: Advanced…
Postgraduate Systems and Control Engineering
Undergraduate Telecommunications
Postgraduate Telecommunications and Networks
Postgraduate Transport Systems, Strategy and Management
Postgraduate Voluntary Sector Management



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